my philosophy

Playing an instrument is an incredibly personal endeavor; no two people make music in the exact same way. Knowing this, we as teachers need to encourage students to do more than just fortify technique and build repertoire—we need to help our students understand and develop their own style, creativity, and spirit. In my own studio, I first set up a strong foundation of pain-free, sustainable posture so that they may have a long life of healthy performing and simultaneously work with each student to build their enthusiasm and curiosity of music. From there, the pathways to improving technique and developing creativity are wide open.

I want my students to feel comfortable exploring the bass and all of its possibilities and, thus, teach music of various genres—classical, folk, contemporary, etc. I also work with students to build their performance technique by discussing emotional responses to music, movement while playing, and how to draw an audience in. It is easy to get lost within the seemingly endless facets of technique that we forget about the need to work on creativity and performance. I aim to set my students up with the tools to take their music into any field of music, teaching them to be artists and performers as well as bassists.

my experience

I first began teaching privately at the age of 15 and have since taught students of all ages across Phoenix, AZ and Boston, MA. Outside of my own studio, I have been working as faculty at StringPlay—a creative camp for string musicians—since its founding in 2013, where I coach small groups, lead conducting classes, and teach lessons on technique and musicality. I also previously worked at the Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program, working in two orchestras with students grades 1-5, and as a section coach for various high schools around Tucson, AZ and Boston, MA.

I work with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, and also offer specific sessions for experienced jazz/folk/pop bassists who are only looking to learn how to use the bow. All in-person lessons are located in the greater Boston area with the option of video lessons for students out of the area. I also offer workshops for school orchestra programs on how to teach bass for non-bassists, folk playing for bassists, and more!

To schedule a trial lesson/workshop or inquire about my teaching, email me at gurczak.adam@gmail.com.